Short tutu skirt and atypical color… this ex-columnist of “TPMP” is getting married in the greatest of secrets!

Géraldine Maillet, Kelly Vedovelli, or even Valérie Benaïm? Who is the columnist who is no longer a heart to take officially? Because yes, a columnist of TPMP well and truly said “yes” to his companion a few days ago. On the other hand, it is not a question of a woman who still officiates around the table of the show. Given that it was Caroline Ithurbide who officially became Polo Anid’s wife on June 11, as noted by our colleagues from Closer.

A very important moment for the journalist, especially since she was going through a rather complicated period when she broke up with journalist-presenter Boris Erghott, as she confided to us several months ago: “I spent 2 and a half difficult years! The breakup is the worst ordeal I’ve had to go through. However, we are on very good terms, but it’s a shake-up”she explained before giving details on how she managed to get her head above water: “I chained coaches, shrinks, clairvoyants… I was lost. It was a questioning day and night to sometimes regret the separation. I was between pain, lack and guilt”.

happiness now

But that is now ancient history. Caroline Ithurbide is indeed happy in the arms of Polo Anid, with whom she has been in a relationship for over a year. But this relationship could well have never seen the light of day if the journalist had not made herself strong. “For two years I was not ready to fall in love. One day, I forced myself to go to a party, a little disappointed not to be alone. And there he was! A meeting from heaven”she admitted.

An outing that is worth gold as evidenced by the snapshot published by Yoann Latouche in which Caroline Ithurbide appears in a short tutu skirt with a top embroidered with sequins in blue tones. An outfit that suited her perfectly!

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