“She’s hideous, at over 40, she’s a bimbo”, Nicolas Waldorf (Incredible Transformations) smashes Loana again

In 2022, Loana participated in the show “Incredible Transformations” on M6. More than 20 years after her participation in Loft Story, the pretty blonde made her big return to the channel by passing into the hands of experts for a little express makeover. But after hours of work, the former reality TV candidate was unfortunately not convinced by the result, enough to lead the channel not to broadcast her transformation.

On social networks, Loana then took the floor to explain having been “ruined” in particular by the famous hairdresser of the show, Nicolas Waldorf. Furious at being attacked in this way, the hair expert responded by revealing photos of the makeover which, according to him, was successful. Two years after this dispute, Nicolas Waldort persisted and signed.

“She’s hideous!”
Invited on the set of Sam Zirah, the hairdresser does not budge and tackles Loana again: “She’s hideous! With her extensions, her tight jumpsuits… At over 40, she has to stop. At over 40, you can’t walk around like that as a bimbo, and not a classy bimbo anymore . She’s a bimbo from Wish” he said.

Standing firm on his positions, Nicolas Waldorf decided to look back on what happened that day. “I said to myself, go ahead, let’s go all out! We had no budget limit. The whole production was there, the whole M6 delegation, it was a real mess, we said to ourselves that it was the episode of the season. So that in the end, M6 does not broadcast! (…) Loana was paid but M6 did not want to broadcast the episode. What happened was that she told me I’ll kill you or I’ll kill you if you cut my hair! I replied: “Loana, you were paid to be there, if we don’t transform you, if we keep your burnt extensions, it won’t There’s no point in you coming….”

“So we started, if I had 1% doubts about my work, I wouldn’t suggest makeovers. So we go, we go with the color thing, it lasts for hours, the hair doesn’t take.. . she had shitty 75cm extensions but in the end, it came out… a bomb! It came out great!” assures the hairdresser. Unfortunately for him, Loana was not satisfied with the result and burst into tears in the evening when she returned home.

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