“She no longer eats or washes”, Loana hospitalized in “catastrophic condition”

What happens to Loana ? According to information from the often well-informed blogger
, the winner of the first French reality TV show would be hospitalized again, a few weeks after suffering a head trauma. The precise reasons for her admission to the emergency room are not known and could not be revealed by the blogger specializing in reality TV shows, but he nevertheless affirmed that the winner of Loft Storywas in an alarming state in Nice : “According to our exclusive information, Loana is currently in a catastrophic state in the Nice emergency room. She would have a protected identity, no longer eats or washes herself. Loana would have (passed) batteries of examinations, to determine the reasons for this state”.

For the moment, the information has not been confirmed by the media, and his best friend Jérémy Bellet, who regularly gives his news on his social networks, has not spoken on the subject. He did not deny the information provided by Aqababe, thus suggesting that the latter is unfortunately true. Loana’s state of health has been worrying for several years already… The candidate of Angels
revealed a few years ago that he had tried to end his life nine timesand had to undergo numerous hospitalizations, particularly due to drug overdosescaused by a disproportionate absorption of anxiolytics…

She was in “TPMP” a few weeks ago

A few weeks ago, as revealed by AudienceLoana had already been hospitalized for several days

after being found unconscious in the street. Victim of head trauma, the forty-year-old was unable to explain the reasons for her fall. She had accepted an invitation from Cyril Hanouna in Do not touch My TVand gave an erratic interview, during which she claimed to have been raped by a man last September: “It was midnight… I was where I lived in Valencia. I was walking my dog, and I met someone I knew. I had seen him five, six times (…). He lived 50 meters from where I was”. Her behavior and her diction during the interview had challenged columnists and viewers, and the reality TV candidate had justified herself by explaining still be a victim of panic disorders.

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