“She mixes everything”, tense atmosphere in “C à vous” between Bruno le Maire, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, Patrick Cohen on Magali Berdah

28 Internet users had to answer for their actions this Tuesday, March 19, 2024. Indeed, this day, Magali Berdah

learned of the sentencing of 28 people aged 20 to 49 to prison. The latter being responsible for the cyberharassment of which the reality TV popess has been the victim for several months.

Following this conviction, Magali Berdah wished to address Bruno Le Maire to demand an apology from him. Indeed, the Minister of the Economy had shown his support for Booba’s approach, in the fight against influencers whom he described as “influvoleurs” because of their “scams” and “dropshipping” which they carried out according to his statements. An approach which would have led to cyberharassment against him according to the words of the popess of reality TV.

In fact, in a sequence broadcast in C to you this Tuesday March 19, 2024, Magali Berdah appears in front of the camera and launches Bruno Le Maire : I would like him to recognize the pain he may have caused me by making these comments which legitimized cyber harassment in packs which is still extremely serious, I have still received more than 120,000 death threats”.

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Bruno Le Maire sticks to his positions

“Would he recognize that he may have gone a little too quickly in the way he spoke, in what he said about me and which put me in danger, personally”she concluded in a video message. “I tell her that she is mixing everything up and that my answer is no, very clearly and firmly”then released the Minister of the Economy who does not feel responsible for the situation experienced by Magali Berdah.

Bruno Le Maire explains not to have “never involved in a feud between influencers”. “I just indicated that there were indeed phenomena of harassment via influencers, that there were scams, that all of this was not acceptable, that it had to be regulated by law. I I said it and I did it. The law was adopted and allows the work of influencers to be regulated. But I have never interfered in any quarrel”he also defended himself.

“Yes, but every time he (Booba) denounces scams it spreads waves of hatred against Magali Berdah”, specified Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. Nothing to disconcert the minister, however. “Did I say the words of this influencer or her name in this show? No, I spoke on the merits”, he assured. Bruno Le Maire explains that he simply did his work and that it is his “role of Minister of Economy and Finance to guarantee consumer protection”. “Certainly not getting involved in influencer quarrels which seem damn complicated to me”he concluded, reassured.


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