“She begged him”, and now, Christophe Dechavanne’s daughter takes her networks to shoot her father’s ex

Ninon Dechavanne was quick to respond to the serious accusations made by Nès on the Cyril Hanouna set this Saturday, February 24, 2024. Guest of
Facing Hanouna
the woman, who presented herself as the ex-fiancée of Christophe Dechavanne, claimed to have been through hell with the latter due to destructive and cyclothymic behaviors, in which he notably urged her to lose weight, by filming her coming out of her shower. Accusations to which other revelations were added, such as the alleged hatred that Christophe Dechavanne would feel towards Léa Salamé and Philippe Caverivière, his two colleagues from
What era
and Cyril Hanouna, who produced it in the game Take it or leave it in 2020, before he joined France 2.

On Instagram this Sunday February 25, 2024, Ninon Dechavannewho was approached to join the round table of Do not touch My TV last school year, and who had even passed the pilot stage, took out the sulphator to point out all the “false and defamatory statements” spoken by Nès. The young woman assured that the latter had only had a relationship of only two months with her father, and that it was the latter who left her, despite her numerous pleas: “I knew well this dishonest person seen at TPMP, who defames my father with grotesque lies. This same person who, in order to exist, vomits on a man who did everything for her during the two short months of their relationship. I heard her on the phone begging him for one last chance after the breakup, after making his life hell as soon as the vacation was over. Breakup that she did not accept.

Ninon Dechavanne close to her father, she cannot stand the criticism

Today, Ninon Dechavanne is convinced that her father’s ex is seeking revenge on the latter because of an undigested breakup: “Now, she is accusing him of completely false facts in the public arena. I know my father, and his relationships with women. He is a very caring man. I am so sad to see that a woman, upset at having been left, can, through lies, reduce a beautiful person to a degrading status. Shame on her ! And I’m a feminist” lamented the young woman, who has always had a very close relationship with her father, the exact opposite of that which the host maintains with his son and his other daughter Pauline.

In conclusion, in a second story, Ninon Dechavanne made it known that her father was not informed by her public response approach, convinced that he would have refused it: “Now I feel like I’m going to get a call from a man who will tell me: Don’t get involved in this! But sorry dad, I know who you are, and I’m way too angry…” she testified. The young woman, affected by the numerous accusations targeting her father since the publication of her book Sans transition, spoke out to debunk those made by her ex-mother-in-law. However, Ninon Dechavanne did not comment on or contest the investigation published by Releaseand in which twelve ex-collaborators of his father denounce aggressive and insulting behavior, which for some would have pushed them to resignation, and others to burn-out.

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