Shaved head and in tears, Caroline Receveur announces that she suffers from breast cancer “detected at an early stage”!

Life is short and unpredictable.” believes Caroline Receveur in her latest Instagram post. At 35, the influencer is currently battling breast cancer. A disease that she discussed at length on social networks this Tuesday, July 25, 2023. “Today, Tuesday July 25, 2023 I am in the hospital”, she writes. “A week after receiving her 2nd cycle of chemotherapy, my body (and my mind) is dehydrated. I feel empty, I have lost my taste for food and a bit of life too. I’m in the waiting room, I’m cracking up… I who thought I could keep ‘this secret’, I can’t do it anymore. This desired solitude to face this ordeal alone finally cuts me off from the rest of the world and adds weight to my daily life… this daily life punctuated by trips to and from the hospital since the Announcement of my breast cancer 2 months ago. An aggressive breast cancer certainly, but detected at an early stage.”

And to continue: “Know that despite everything, I’m fine. Hugo Philip’s strength, love and unfailing optimism make me approach each stage with more lightness and laughter.
I am in good hands, I have confidence, I am surrounded by the people I love and my healing is already programmed in my head and in my body. I don’t really know how I intend to share this daily life with you from now on… instinctively as I have always done… like today. What is certain is that I will have things to share with you about this experience when I have the perspective necessary to make it a strength.” A post that elicited strong reactions.

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Caroline Receveur supported by her relatives

I’m thinking of you Caroline… you’re going to win this battle. I send you all my courage and affection”, “Don’t face this alone! Your community has always been there for you and always will be. Courage in this ordeal”, “All my support Caroline, your dad is watching over you and I send you my best vibes”, “Full of thoughts for this difficult test of life. Strength & courage”, “Full of courage, you can and you will get there. Fight warrior”can we read in particular in the comments.

Through this touching statement made on social networks, Caroline Receveur lifts a taboo on the disease. His admirers are sending him positive vibes and benevolent thoughts during this difficult time.

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