Sexual abuse | Jacques Doillon wants to file a complaint for “defamation” against Judith Godrèche

(Paris) Jacques Doillon “has decided to file a complaint for defamation” against actress Judith Godrèche for her “vile” comments, the French filmmaker’s lawyer, Marie Dosé, announced Thursday in a press release to AFP.

“Following the avalanche of comments profoundly attacking the dignity and probity of Jacques Doillon made by Judith Godrèche, he decided to file a complaint for defamation,” writes the lawyer.

“Daring to publicly assert, as she did again on February 21, that he would have “slept with children” who appeared in his films is despicable and beyond comprehension,” she added.

On Instagram on Wednesday evening, the actress cited a press article, writing: “In 2022, this newspaper writes that Doillon’s specialty is filming with children.” “There’s a sentence missing: ‘Who he’s sleeping with,’” she accuses.

Me Dosé “recalls that Jacques Doillon has still not been heard as part of the preliminary investigation and that his presumption of innocence has been violently flouted for weeks. He won’t let himself be soiled like this without reacting,” she adds.

Judith Godrèche, who has become a spearhead of the #metoo movement in France, filed a complaint at the beginning of February against Jacques Doillon, but also against the director Benoît Jacquot for sexual and physical violence which dates back to her adolescence.


Judith Godreche

A preliminary investigation is opened in Paris into these accusations of rape of a minor under 15 years old by a person in authority, rape, violence by a partner, and sexual assault on a minor over 15 years old by a person in authority.

At the time of the opening of the investigation, the Paris prosecutor’s office specified that “all of the facts denounced took place between 1986 and 1992”.

The actress Isild Le Besco, who had already spoken out against MM. Jacquot and Doillon, following Judith Godrèche, plans to file a complaint against these two directors, we learned Thursday from his lawyer Benjamin Chouai.

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