Senna, Amelie Neten’s ex, announces that she is expecting a child with her new partner

Gone are the days of the wedding live from the House of Secrets with Amélie Neten, “It’s okay Senna!” launched at all costs by the Belgian in Angels and romances galore. Senna Hounhanou is now a father in the making, for the second time. The former reality TV candidate has just made the announcement on his social networks, in a joint publication with his partner, the influencer Marine Mametz, 11 years his junior.

“After almost 6 months of keeping the secret and 15kg on top of that… The start of the rest of our lives”writes the couple in the caption of several photos showing them hand in hand on the beach.

Officially together since June 2023, the couple will welcome their first child in a few weeks. An important moment which is not, however, a first for Senna, already father of a sonIsaiah, now 10 years old and the candidate of Secret Story had with a woman named Elodie.

A former life of an addict

One more step towards a more stable life for Senna Hounhanou, plagued by numerous dark periods following her adventure in TF1 reality TV, which will make its return on April 23. The candidate had at the time entered into the adventure in the company of Coralie and Stéphanie Clerbois, two of his exes, with a common secret: “We are exes”. After several weeks of competition, the Belgian lost in the final to Benoît Dubois.

The beginning of a long period of downs, recounted in a long video published on his social networks last November: “I was ashamed and afraid to talk about it for a long time, but I think that today I have to shed light on it. About ten years ago, I left a show. I lived through the darkest years of my life. I was a young man of 22 left to his own devices. And that’s when a much older woman stepped into the gap and the hold began.”says Senna.

A hold that takes the former candidate towards numerous vices and addictions: “Gradually, without realizing it, she began to trivialize certain things such ascocaine, prostitution, drugs and the world of the night. I was sucked into a world that didn’t suit me. I had become his puppet” then reveals the young man, before discussing the end of this domination. “After the death of my father in 2022, I had a click. I told myself that I was not condemned to have this life. I moved, I started my life again, I found a taste for life again.” A life now embellished by the imminent arrival of this second child.

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