Season 3, Episode 1 | Just between you and me with Robert Lepage

We’ve known he’s a wrestling fan for several years, but nonetheless: Robert Lepage, who discusses the psychology of a wrestler with an acrobat, asking him “Would a real wrestler act like that?” ”, it amuses as much as it surprises. Before recording an episode of the podcast series Just between you and mewe spent the day in Quebec in the company of someone who takes himself much less seriously than we imagine.

Episode 1: Robert Lepage


Robert Lepage with journalist and podcast host, Dominic Tardif

After spending a day with him at the Diamant de Québec, Dominic speaks with Robert Lepage, in his office, about his incomparable trajectory and his astonishing interest in the world of wrestling. It is also about progressive rock, improvisation and Ding and Dong, the movie.

Three quotes from our interview

About the predetermined aspect of the struggle

“We make the wishful thinking of saying: “Look, you pretend that it’s true and I pretend that I believe you.” And that’s the beginning of theater! We know very well that Marie Tifo is not Maria Chapdelaine, but we accept it, as long as she convinces us of it. It’s an exchange of credibility, it’s a two-person game. »

About the links between wrestling and circus

“I started to get re-interested in circus because I found the same energy there as there was in wrestling before. The very first Cirque shows [du Soleil], that was it: there was athleticism, acrobatics, risks, magnificent bodies. I have the impression that in Quebec, for a while, the departure from the struggle was filled by the new circus. »

On what a good wrestling match is

“A good wrestling match is when you feel that there are issues that go beyond what is happening in the room. The referee must be really good, because the referee represents justice, and he must show that justice is often sold. […] The public doesn’t just see wrestlers hitting each other, they see injustices, people cheating, honest, pretentious people. That’s what people respond to. One of the most important characters is the audience. »

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