Samsung more popular than Apple: here’s why iPhone sales are falling

iPhone sales fell last quarter, leaving Samsung to regain its place as the number one most-purchased smartphone. Here’s why experts think Android devices will remain at the top.

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If Samsung has been at the top of cell phone sales for 12 years, Appel took over last December. This first place was, however, short-lived since a 10% drop in sales allowed its competitor to become number one again.

“It’s a big drop for Apple, but if you think about where we are over the last four years, Apple has probably been the most resilient brand, overcoming supply chain issues and macroeconomic challenges, plus than other brands,” underlined Nabila Popal, research director of the International Data Corporation, in an interview with CNN.

The latter also indicated the slower evolution of the Android system operated by Samsung compared to Apple’s iOS. So, since Android has had a decline in the past few years, it has greater room for growth now.

In the last quarter, Samsung notably collected 20.8% of market share compared to 17.3% for Apple.

Many companies have signaled their intentions to continue the expansion of artificial intelligence, but the company created by Steve Jobs has yet to take a position on the subject.

“As the overall smartphone market recovers this year, with a strong focus on AI, Samsung is well positioned for continued growth this year,” Popal.

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