Russia claims to have destroyed and repelled several Ukrainian drones near the border

Russia claims to have repelled, on the night of Wednesday September 13 to Thursday September 14, a new wave of Ukrainian drones near the border. In several press releases, the Russian Defense Ministry reports on Telegram that at least six drones were shot down on its territory, above Bryansk and Belgorod. Attacks that have not “not made of victim, nor damage”specifieshe local governor Alexandre Bogomaz, still on Telegram. Follow our live stream.

Vladimir Putin will “with pleasure” visit North Korea. According to the North Korean state news agency KCNA, the Russian president agreed to visit Pyongyang after the invitation of its leader Kim Jong-un. The latter made an exceptional trip to Russia on Tuesday and Wednesday. For the moment, however, nothing has been officially communicated concerning a possible agreement for deliveries of military equipment to Russia in order to support its offensive in Ukraine, as mentioned by Washington.

The United States and Japan say they are “concerned” by the Russia-North Korea rapprochement. Washington fears a possible agreement for deliveries of North Korean military equipment to Russia to support its war effort in Ukraine. Tokyo, for its part, underlines a risk of “breach” United Nations sanctions on North Korea’s arms.

New drone debris found in Romania. For the third time, Bucharest found drone debris on its territory “similar to those used by Russia”NATO said. The Romanian authorities are on alert, an investigation has been opened.

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