Rubiales case | Former coach Jorge Vilda indicted

(Madrid) The former coach of the women’s “Roja”, Jorge Vilda, was indicted by the magistrate responsible for the investigation into the forced kiss of the former president of the Spanish football federation Luis Rubiales on the player Jenni Hermoso, the court announced on Wednesday.

This magistrate of the Madrid National Court “summoned on October 10, as an accused person, the former coach of the women’s football team, Jorge Vilda,” the court said in a press release.

Close to Rubiales, Vilda, whose methods were criticized by his players, was sacked at the beginning of September by the Spanish Federation.

Her indictment comes two days after the judge’s hearing of Jenni Hermoso’s brother and a friend who confirmed, according to a judicial source, the player’s statements on the lack of consent on her part and the pressure exerted on her. her and those close to her by Rubiales and her entourage.

According to the Spanish press, Hermoso’s brother told the judge that he had been pressured by Vilda.

Initially summoned by the magistrate as witnesses, the director of the men’s selection, Albert Luque, and the marketing manager of the federation Rubén Rivera, were also indicted, like Jorge Vilda, added the National Court.

When filing her complaint with the prosecutor’s office, Jenni Hermoso indicated “that she and her immediate entourage (had) suffered constant and repeated pressure from Luis Rubiales and his professional entourage to justify and approve the facts”, the public prosecutor then indicated.

Luis Rubiales, who resigned from his post on September 10, was charged in this case with “sexual assault”, but also with “coercion” due to this pressure.

The former boss of Spanish football, who always claimed that this kiss was consensual, was interviewed on September 15 and has since been banned by the judge from coming within 200 m of the player.

On August 20, after the world title of “Roja” in Sydney, Luis Rubiales surprised Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth. A gesture which caused international indignation and its temporary suspension by FIFA.

The magistrate responsible for the case will also hear double Ballon d’Or winner Alexia Putellas and two other world champions, Irene Paredes and Misa Rodríguez, as witnesses next Monday.

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