Royal family: A tattooed princess, the tattoo revealed during the jubilee

Tattooing is a practice that has become widespread in recent years. To the point of now affecting the British royal family. It was Princess Eugenie who stood out during the Queen’s last platinum jubilee with a pretty design behind her ear!

It may well embody tradition and antiquity, but the British royal family can also be modern. Evidenced by the latest tattoo of Princess Eugenie, the daughter of Prince Andrew with his ex-wife Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson. The 32-year-old showed up at the festivity in honor of Queen Elizabeth II in a beautiful orange dress by Emilia Wickstead… with a small circle inked behind her ear (see here).

Even though tattoos aren’t exactly common in the family, she’s not the first to take the plunge. Amelia Windsor, 26, the granddaughter of Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent had already displayed herself with several pieces on her body. We also know that abroad, many members of royalty have taken the radical decision to tattoo themselves. In particular Prince Frederik of Denmark, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco or even Princess Sofia of Sweden.

Within the British family, the tattoo is even rather appreciated. He’s the king George V who initiated this practice in the monarchy since he had himself tattooed during his military campaign in Japan with the navy.

Prince William, too, had declared himself to be a tattoo lover and confided that he had thought of getting the same as his friend David Beckham. An idea that was not really to the liking of his sweetheart, Kate Middleton and that he finally abandoned. Let’s also remember that another great figure in British history was tattooed, the famous Prime Minister Winston Churchill ! The head of state was rumored to have an anchor tattooed on his forearm. So, the British and tattoos a love story? It’s possible !

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