Roubaix: the national tribute to the three police officers killed


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E. Lagarde, C. Meral, M.-N. Grimaldi, S. Giaume, M. Baron, A. Thoron, C. Beauvalet – franceinfo

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Thursday, May 25, in Roubaix (North), Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to the three young police officers killed in intervention. They were between 24 and 25 years old.

When the coffins of the three police officers enter the courtyard of the national police school in Roubaix (North), Thursday, May 25, the funeral march further highlights their youth: Paul, Manon and Steve died in service at 24 and 25 years. In front of the families, Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to them. “Talking about them becomes necessary to pay homage to their destiny and to denounce irresponsible behavior”declared the President of the Republic.

Posthumous Legion of Honor

The three police officers received the Legion of Honor posthumously. On the spot, the emotion is immense. Many police officers are worried about a society they consider increasingly violent. “Our young colleagues are going to have a more difficult career than their elders”, said one of them. In Roost-Warendin (North), many residents sent their condolences. The mayor had to announce the death of the young policewoman to her family. Steven’s baby boy and Paul’s unborn child are now wards of the Nation.

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