Rookie tournament in Buffalo: observations on 20 Canadian prospects

BUFFALO | There are high expectations with the next generation of the Canadian. After years of lean times, there is finally talent among the organization’s bank of prospects. Patience, a popular term with the team, will however remain a key in light of this rookie tournament in the city of Rasmus Dahlin.

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The CH won two of its three games in Buffalo, but no player completely overcame the competition. We would have liked to see dynamic defender Lane Hutson, but NCAA regulations prevented him from participating in this tournament.

We offer you observations on 20 of the 27 CH players at this rookie camp in Buffalo.

Logan Mailloux

Mailloux had a false start against the Sabres, but he recovered well in his last two games.

“I hadn’t played for five or six months and I had to get rid of the nervousness,” said Mailloux. I wore the Canadian uniform for the first time. I was nervous, but I found my rhythm again as the tournament progressed. »

David Reinbacher

At 18 years old and taking his first steps in North America, Reinbacher remains in apprenticeship mode. The fifth pick in the last draft offered an honest performance without being spectacular in his three games.

Sean Farrell

Farrell is one of the disappointments in the CH camp at this tournament. There is a big step between Harvard and the professional ranks. He has talent and offensive instincts, but he lacked fighting spirit.

Archive photo, Pierre-Paul Poulin

William Trudeau

To use the words of Jean-François Houle, Trudeau is the one who “ran the patent” on the blue line. Used in two of the three games, he was the most consistent defender. A very good tournament.

Owen Beck

Beck blocks shots and plays with heart. But he wasn’t as dominant as last year at the same rookie tournament.

Filip Mesar

Used in the center for the last two meetings, Mesar was more visible and more in control. The Slovak will need to gain mileage with the Laval Rocket.

Joshua Roy

Roy finds ways to stand out and generate scoring chances. He collected 4 points (2 goals, 2 assists) in 3 games.

Photo Martin Alarie

Miguël Tourigny

A favorite of this tournament. Tourigny relied on his speed, his offensive flair, but also his enthusiasm. Day and night with his participation last year. He spoke of his time in Slovakia last season as a very formative element in his development.

Xavier Simoneau

Simoneau was granted a leave for the last game. But he had already won enough points. He still has the pedal to the floor.

Riley Kidney

Kidney played better against the Senators with a goal, but for the other two games, he remained invisible. Like Farrell, he often lacks intensity.

Jakub Dobes

A two-part start against the Sabres. The Czech played very well for the first 30 minutes before running out of energy.

Quentin Miller

Miller gave a very good performance against the Bruins, signing the victory. A calm goalkeeper for his young age at 18 years old.

Florian Xhekaj

He has Xhekaj in his nose. You can feel it immediately, but in a winger role. He shook up the cage of several players, especially in his second game against the Senators.

Jayden Struble

Absent against the Sabres, Struble showed good things for the next two meetings. The American provided a good dose of robustness to the blue line.

Archive photo, AFP

Emil Heineman

We expected more from the Swede, especially with his end of season last year with the Rocket. He played two fairly lukewarm matches.

Cedrick Guindon

The choice of 4e tour of CH in 2022 scored his team’s only goal in a power play at this tournament. Guindon will return to the OHL in Owen Sound and will be a candidate for Junior Team Canada.

Jan Mysak

Mysak participated in all three meetings. He played two good games against the Bruins and the Sens.

Martin Chevalier / JdeM

Ty Smilanic

Acquired in the Ben Chiarot trade with the Panthers, Smilanic didn’t break anything during his time in Buffalo. The road will be long for him.

Isaac Dufort

Invited to this tournament, Dufort received kind words from Houle. And with good reason. We liked his commitment and his combativeness.

Riley McKay

A pest. He lived up to his reputation by upsetting his rivals. He will walk between Laval and Trois-Rivières.

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