Rob Kardashian victim of an overdose? Kim’s brother hospitalized in emergency… This disturbing information!

Within the Kardashian Jenner clan, Rob is certainly the most discreet. Yet powered like her sisters via the hit show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the main interested party has not succeeded in making a career like the other members of his family. A situation that would have been difficult for the young man to take.

To make matters worse, North West’s uncle also chained health concerns. Having suffered from a terrible depression, Rob Kardashian has gained weight despite his countless draconian diets. Her daughter Dream would be her only source of happiness to this day. As a reminder, she is the fruit of her past love affair with Blac Chyna. For a long time, the ex-lovers argued over his upbringing and custody. These many personal worries would have gradually made the young man sink, as pointed out by a large number of American tabloids.

“The reasons for his act are still rather vague…”

This Wednesday, December 28, 2022, the famous blogger Aqababe made new revelations about the star via his social networks. According to his source, the ex-brother-in-law of Tristan Thompson would have been hospitalized in emergency in Los Angeles. According to him, Rob Kardashian would have made a “overdose of anxiolytics and alcohol”:“He’s going to spend the night there to do a battery of medical examinations. He is fine, he is awake and conscious!. Still according to my source, he would have arrived in the emergency room unconscious, pale face and blue lips…”.

Obviously, his entourage would like to act as quickly as possible to save him from his torments: “Some relatives (family) are very worried and hesitate to send him directly to treatment after he leaves the emergency room. The reasons for his act are still rather vague! As soon as I have the reason and more details of whether he intends to go to rehab, I’ll keep you posted.” Aqababe said. To be continued…


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