Richard Berry and his wife, Mathilda May, Marie-Anne Chazel: all together for an exceptional ballet!

Julien Lestel’s troupe was a hit on Wednesday February 17 at Salle Pleyel! Choreographer and director trained at the Paris Opera, he has worked with the greatest and has now set up his own dance company. And for the performance of their new show Mosaïque, its dancers were able to count on the presence of many VIPs in the audience.

Richard Berry notably posed with his wife, Pascale Louange. Happy and united as ever, the couple made a remarkable but rather rare outing after the accusations of recent months. The couple had always stood together, protecting their youngest, Mila, born in 2014. They were able to meet the two actresses Mathilda May and Michèle Bernier in the audience, also impressed by the show.

Friends for a long time, the actresses posed together in front of the photographers. Their colleague Marie-Anne Chazel also took several photos, notably with the choreographer. It was also applauded by political figures, such as the Secretary of State for disabled people, Sophie Cluzel and her husband. Brice Hortefeux had also taken his place with his wife in the room, not far from his friend Dominique Desseigne.

Chantal Thomass, always very recognizable with her brown square, the journalist Caroline Roux and her husband Laurent Solly (CEO of Facebook France) or even Ariane Massenet and Alexandra Vandernoot were finally part of the public and enjoyed the show since they all posed with the troupe at the end of the show.

Of course, some dancers had also made the trip: Agnès Letestu, star of the Paris Opera posed with Alexandra Cardinale, former dancer of the Opera. This one, long handicapped by a knee injury, is now a producer and put on the show in collaboration with Julien Lestel. Dealing with diversity, this new creation ” reflects this diversity and expresses our wish for a world which does not tend towards the standardization of individuals but which, on the contrary, recognizes the richness of its multiplicity“.

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