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C.Guyon, F.Leroy, M.Le Charpentier, J.Dhib – France 2

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In the Côtes d’Armor, 200 seniors have almost retaken their driving license to get up to speed. They agreed to review the code and submit to tests on a simulator. The initiative is quite new, but it could multiply.

A new kind of driving lesson at Plaintel (Cotes-d’Armor). At the wheel, Mauricette Dirr nothing of a beginner. She has had her license since 1977 and she is taking part in a refresher course.I thought there were new signs, new rules, that’s why I wanted to register, and then see what I lost over the years“, explains the driver. Like her, 200 seniors volunteers came to refresh their memories. This review session is far from useless.

This puts us back on the right track“, says a man. In the program : practical work, with driving reflex tests on simulator and prevention of the risk of alcoholemia thanks to glasses that simulate the state of intoxication. A road safety day for seniors in Côtes d’Armor, where nearly half of road deaths were over 65 years old. In Brittany, other awareness days will be offered.

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