researchers offer to sponsor pink flamingos


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Camargue: researchers offer to sponsor pink flamingos

Camargue: researchers offer to sponsor pink flamingos – (France 2)

The “An idea for France” section of 13 Heures takes us, Monday February 26, to the Camargue. A magnificent region which is also a refuge for birds. There, a research center, La Tour du Valat, offers to sponsor pink flamingos.

“Our idea for France is to offer everyone the opportunity to sponsor a pink flamingo, (…) and the funds raised through this sponsorship will allow us to better understand this species to better protect it”, explains Jean Jalbert, general director of the Tour du Valat. Direction the Camargue, the land of flamingos. Every winter, at the Pont de Gau ornithological park (Bouches-du-Rhône), an incredible ballet is performed, with the nuptial displays.

15,000 birds waiting to be sponsored

Researchers at the Tour du Valat are offering to adopt these pink flamingos. Here, 15,000 birds are waiting for a godfather or godmother. All are identified by a ring. Jean Jalbert, the head of the research institute, had the idea of ​​these sponsorships. Adopting a flamingo costs from 25 to 100 euros per year. The money raised is used to protect these birds and the marshes, their habitat.

On the 13 Heures set, Monday February 26, journalist Valérie Heurtel presents other sponsorship initiatives. Thus, in Meung-sur-Loire (Loiret), the entrance gate to the village is under renovation. “The town hall is offering residents the chance to sponsor the slates for what will be the future roof”indicates Valérie Heurtel.

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