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As a child, René Simard conquered the hearts of the Quebec public by singing The bird. Fifty years later, the singer returns with a brand new record, Condor, a title that is a nod to the past.

Stephanie Morin

Stephanie Morin

“A bird flies from tree to tree, at low altitude. But the condor is the highest flying land bird. From up there, he can see society in its entirety, without judging it, ”says the artist who has worn several hats (including that of director) during his prolific career.

Besides, mathematics is appalling as far as he is concerned. With Condor, René Simard, now young in his sixties, signs his 53e album in 50 years of career (including a break that will have lasted 10 years). “Before, I made almost four records a year: for Mother’s Day, for Father’s Day, it’s barely if I didn’t release one for Queen’s Day! Today, reality has changed. ”

His latest album, simply titled René Simard, date of 2015 and, according to the principal concerned, “the sales did not meet the expectations”. After this “esteem success”, he was ready to hang up his microphone to devote himself to something else, but his producer, André Leclair, managed to convince him to keep the flame alight for another album.

Except that this time, the interpreter has decided to surround himself with friends and people he admires to offer a disc exclusively composed of original songs, sung in duet.

“I have always been a gang guy, I like to surround myself with a team, especially during musicals in which I have participated. I contacted friends and artists with whom I have a good chemistry to ask them if they wanted to participate. I was surprised and touched because they accepted. ”

Among those who said yes, we find Bruno Pelletier, Brigitte Boisjoli, Mario Pelchat, Marc Hervieux, Corey Hart, Gregory Charles and, surprise, Marina Orsini, “who accepted immediately”!


René Simard

“I wanted to respect everyone’s universe,” says René Simard. As I like to explore, I found my party there. We had a collective desire to want to do good around us. I got them all in the studio except Corey Hart, who worked from the Bahamas. ”

If André Leclair signs most of the music, the lyrics of the songs have been entrusted to Nelson Minville, Yves Roy and Frédérick Baron. Sylvain Cossette and Marina Orsini also offered texts to their friend, the first on the theme of sometimes difficult father-son relationships and the second, on the mourning of the mother, which René Simard experienced a few years ago.

“I chose each of the themes covered in the songs. The common thread that unites them all? “It’s my sixties, with all the subjects that concern me. I wanted the album to be like me. “

In this album composed of 11 songs, it is about difference, caregivers, urgency to live, music and friendship. “I want people to make the songs their own and find what they need in them. For me, music has always been therapy… ”

“This record is a celebration that I didn’t want to do alone. In my career, I have known ups and downs. It’s normal. But when I look back, what makes me the most proud is to have found a balance between my professional and my personal life. The relationship with my children is a great victory, ”says the one who has been a grandfather for just seven months.

And this album, which will be followed by a series of shows in Quebec and Montreal starting in the spring of 2022, is another source of pride for the artist. “André [Leclair] was right to urge me to make this record. If I close the loop with Condor, I will be happy. The album was done in a magical way. It is a real gift that I give myself. “

The album is available from this Thursday on all digital platforms.

Three songs seen by René Simard

Condor, in duet with Bruno Pelletier

“The title track of the album is about the difference. My children are different [en raison de leur surdité]. However, it is the differences that make our society so rich. ”

You’re not alone, in quartet with Gregory Charles, Mario Pelchat and Bruno Pelletier

“It’s a text about friendship that is so heartwarming. When I think of all the loneliness that seniors went through during the pandemic… no one deserves this. I wanted to tell people that they are not alone, in an invigorating and positive way. ”

The next steps, in duet with Marc Hervieux

“It’s a song about caregivers, without them being named. It can also do good for those coming out of depression, aggression, trauma. And Marc had the delicacy to go there with finesse! ”

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