Renaud Capuçon, her husband reveals the secret of their couple’s longevity

If she had two children with her former husband and colleague, Thomas Hugues – Baptiste born in April 1993 and Laëtitia born in May 1995 – today, it is with the violinist Renaud Capuçon that Laurence Ferrari spends happy days. Working on CNews and Europe 1, the journalist found a balance with her man, with whom she had a little boy in 2010, a year after their marriage.

“Two words explain our sixteen years of life together: love and admiration”

And this April 11, 2024, while he spoke to Gala, the musician revealed the secrets of the longevity of their love story. Indeed, he recognized that with Laurence Ferrari, he forms “an exposed couple, with professional obligations for each”. However, it is in privacy that their story is written, on a solid foundation. The lover assures: “two words explain our sixteen years of life together: love and admiration”.

And added: “I have immense admiration for Laurence. We evolve in different worlds, but we find ourselves around the same values: we are both Savoyards, of Italian origin, well anchored”. Furthermore, Gautier Capuçon’s brother also knows that “If love is obvious, admiration is nourished.” He feels about the woman in his life, “with Laurence, we understand and support each other“.

A family passion for music

He also takes the opportunity to reveal that Laurence Ferrari is also a music lover: “I can say that my wife is a good pianist. But it’s his secret garden. We actually don’t play music together at home!“A passion for the piano which is played with several hands, visibly, within the family, since Aude, Renaud’s sister, also learned the piano but did not make it her profession, he says, but especially because Eliott, his 13-year-old son also plays it. Renaud Capuçon however assures: “I won’t say more about him, I respect his concern for discretion.”.

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