Real estate: living in a “tiny house” or mini-house, the choice of sobriety


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The “tiny house” has many advantages: it costs less, but also has a low environmental impact thanks to its materials. To pass the course, you have to be ready to change your lifestyle.

From a distance, it almost looks like a doll’s house. Inside, the tiny house of Francis Pézeron, in Peillac (Morbihan), has everything of a big. “There is no feeling of lack of space. Because it’s high, because it’s bright, you have a view of the outside”, assures Aurélie Brohan, his companion. To live from this space of 15 m² on the ground, it is better to adopt a mode of minimalist consumption. “We consume less, we consume better and we consume differently”observes Francis Pézeron.

From 25,000 to 100,000 euros

His tiny house is connected to the village’s water and electricity, but he had his own purification system built. Francis cultivates his vegetable garden in permaculture. His house is located on the building part of his land. It does not need a building permit, but a prior authorization for work. A tiny house costs from 25,000 euros, when you build it yourself, to 100,000 euros for custom-made.

In Plessé (Loire-Atlantique), tiny houses are springing up like mushrooms. Light housing here is a project supported by the town hall. The land will be the property of the town hall, and the inhabitants will only have to pay for the construction of the house.

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