Real estate: between inflation and soaring borrowing rates, the market is slowing down


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France 3

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V. Porcher, A. Mouchard, S. zourli – France 3

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The real estate market is bad. At issue: borrowing rates that increase with inflation, increasingly cautious banks and declining purchasing power. It is difficult to find takers and on the buyer side, it is also difficult to find accommodation.

After two years of research, it’s D-day for Raphaëlle Rossi. She has finally found a house in Achicourt (Pas-de-Calais), but she still had to revise her claims downwards. His real estate agent recognizes it, with soaring borrowing rates and the difficulty of banks to lend, sales are much more complicated today.

A spike in rental requests

The limited access to property that the inhabitants of Arras deplore. “It becomes almost unaffordable and in fact impossible to buy”, says a woman. On the side of the Lille metropolis, the observation is the same. A mortgage broker saw his business drop by 40%. Slow transactions have thus caused a spike in rental requests. Professionals are worried about their future.

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