Rare appearance of his daughter Tuscany… Lively emotion on the set

This Friday, March 10, 2023, France 3 will broadcast a new issue of The Secret Box with Faustine Bollaert. After Salvatore Adamo, Jenifer and Michel Boujenah, it’s the turn of Gérard Lenorman, Zaz and Francis Huster to participate in the show. Once again, each guest should have the pleasure of discovering surprises made to measure with the complicity of their loved ones. “Everyone has a small box containing an object linked to an event in their life. Whoever sees it open recounts the dedicated memory. A large box then opens, revealing some of their loved ones. performers are the subject of tailor-made surprises, while some of their personal archives are revealed to the public.In addition, guests interpret hits from yesterday and today, and try to find the identity of a mystery guest”reports Tele-Leisure in the description of its TV program.

According to Channel 3, “an evening full of surprises awaits” the trio. And the least we can say is that Francis Huster will live an evening rich in emotions. For good reason… The youngest daughter of the 75-year-old French actor, director, director and screenwriter will intervene. This is in any case what we show the exclusive images posted on the official Twitter account of France 3. “Hello dad, you’re going to like it”, launches the teenager to the attention of her father through a screen. Words that seem to move the principal concerned to the highest degree.

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Francis Huster “madly in love with his daughters”

Very discreet about his private life, Francis Huster rarely mentions his children. On July 27, 2020, the ex of Isabelle Adjani, had nevertheless agreed to indulge in his family life in the columns of France Sunday. “I am a dad completely in love with his daughters! They are very different, I think that one will take the artistic path and the other, scientific. In any case, they will do a job that leads them to build something for the others”, he confided. And to conclude: “My daughters are the treasure of my life. And they are very beautiful… but that’s thanks to their mother!” Touching confidences.


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