Rapper 50 Cent pays for one last world tour before moving into audiovisual production

“With my film productions and TV shows, I speak directly to my target audience, I don’t want to lose them,” confided the star leaving the stage after this world tour.

Rapper 50 Cent, Curtis Jackson at civil status, enjoys the 20th anniversary of his phenomenon album Get Rich or Die Tryin for an ultimate XXL tour that will go through the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, then Oceania. “I can’t do it like this anymore“, confides to AFP 50 Cent, heavyweight of American rap always, who launches a last world tour before devoting himself to other activities.My activities as a producer of films and TV shows no longer allow me“, delivers the artist, who will celebrate his 48th birthday on Thursday.

His series Power, which has been on the air since 2014, has met with success, turning into a franchise with many derivatives. “With my film productions and TV shows, I speak directly to my target audience, I don’t want to lose them“, he confides.

“Expendables” with Stallone

We sold 600,000 tickets, probably impressive to others, but I’m 50 Cent.“, he has fun in videoconference. Additional sales are in sight, since the native of Queens, New York district, aims to visit other territories, including France this fall. Special memories in this country ?”This girl. Amazing. Things get a little blurry (with time) but I remember it. There is nothing like France“, breathes the colossus, which we will see in the fall at the cinema in Expandables 4 alongside Sylvester Stallone.

What could make him reconsider his decision? Turn with “Eminem and Dr. Dre“, other US rap legends and his mentors on Get Rich…..”But I don’t think it can be done“.”Em” And “Dr“, as he calls them, had supported him in particular for his hit In Da Club, which has just passed the one billion stream mark on Spotify, the queen of music platforms. The movie hero Rheingoldby Fatih Akin, just released, even quotes the piece.

50 Cent was sitting on a tour bus in 2003 when he was told that Get Rich… had sold 800,000 copies in its first week (over 13 million in total). “I started to think I could have anything I wanted“, he recalls. This album, Get rich or die trying, is a classic of gangsta rap, a vein irrigated by street violence. Experience for the one who, as a kid, was enlisted as a dealer after the death of his mother and came close to death, hit by nine bullets in 2000 in a settling of accounts. Bloody episode that inspires Many Men (on Get Rich….) And 9 Shots (2015).


His alias comes from that of a gangster who was said to be ready to kill for 50 cents. “Fiddy”, one of his nicknames, confesses to having plunged into the spiral of endless parties generated by the impact of Get Rich...”If I had been diagnosed at the time, it would have been said that I was crazy“, he laughs.

50 Cent’s other big business, outside of rap and TV productions, is his liquor business. We saw it a few years ago in the cellars in Reims for champagne and in Cognac to soak up French know-how. “In the USA, a lot of what is thought to be good champagne, the French say ‘ugh, that’s shit. I wanted to bring something back that would take it to the next level and I did.“.

The cognac brand Rémy Martin sued him for a time for plagiarizing a bottle shape. “They felt I was moving too fast, they pressured me, they picked the wrong guy: I’ve spent $23 million since Get Rich…in legal fees (of any kind)”. Dispute now rule50 Cent praises his cognac in his own way: “Jesus would drink it“.

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