Rallies in front of the prefectures in support of the “victims of police violence” of Sainte-Soline

Several demonstrations took place Thursday in front of the prefectures to support the wounded and arrested during the mobilization in Sainte-Soline. In Paris, the police headquarters counted 4,500 demonstrators in front of the town hall.

Several organizations have called for rallies in front of the prefectures on Thursday March 30 at 7 p.m. in support of the “victims of police violence”. Rallies took place all over France to support the injured and arrested during the mobilization in Sainte-Soline last weekend against a mega-basin project. Update on these events thanks to the stations of France Bleu and France 3.


On Place Jean-Jaurès in Saint-Etienne, 500 demonstrators in support of those injured against police violence gathered, according to France Bleu Saint-Etienne Loire. The police used tear gas during the dispersal.

In Annecy, more than 200 people demonstrated in front of the Haute-Savoie prefecture to denounce police violence in Sainte-Soline, reports France Bleu Pays de Savoie. A rally also took place in front of the Savoy prefecture in Chambéry.

A thousand people demonstrated peacefully, in front of the Isère prefecture in Grenoble, reports France Bleu Isère.


Despite the ban on demonstrations by the prefecture of Côte-d’Or, nearly 400 people gathered in front of the prefecture in Dijon, reports France 3 Bourgogne.


In front of the prefecture of Rennes, several hundred people gathered in the rain in front of the prefecture on Thursday evening, reports France Bleu Armorique. The demonstrators marched through the city center. There was a heavy police presence.


In Orléans, France Bleu Orléans announces that 150 people demonstrated in front of the Prefecture at 7 p.m.

A hundred demonstrators gathered Thursday evening in Châteauroux to denounce the police violence during the rally in Sainte-Soline reports France Bleu Berry

Several rallies took place at the end of the afternoon Thursday in Tours, announces France Bleu Touraine, both against the pension reform but also to denounce police violence. A few hundred people tried to join the prefecture, prevented by the police.


In Reims, a hundred demonstrators gathered in front of the sub-prefecture against police violence, announces France 3 Champagne-Ardenne.

Around 300 people demonstrated Thursday in Strasbourg, reports France Bleu Alsace against pension reform and against police violence. An important security device had been put in place. The gathering was calm. A wild procession then set off. The demonstrators dispersed around 8:30 p.m.


A hundred demonstrators gathered Thursday evening near the Somme prefecture in Amiens, to denounce the arrests and the injured during the demonstration in Sainte-Soline, last weekend, indicates France Bleu Picardie. The demonstrators, kept away from the prefecture by a large police presence, notably chanted anti-fascist and anti-police songs. A text of support for the injured was also read. The rally finally ended, peacefully, around 8:30 p.m.


In Paris, the police headquarters announces 4,500 demonstrators in front of the capital’s town hall for the demonstration in support of the injured caused by police violence. The gathering is over.


According to France 3 Aquitaine, 200 people went around 6 p.m., calmly, in front of the Bordeaux police station, before demonstrating in the direction of the Gironde prefecture at 7 p.m. under the cries of “everyone hates the police”. They denounce “police at the service of the government”.

Several hundred people gathered in front of the Deux-Sèvres prefecture in Niort against police violence and in support of the wounded in Sainte-Soline, France Bleu Poitou announced on Thursday. “They murder our rights with caliber 49.3”, “Macron president of violence”, “Dialogue not the morgue”can we read on the signs of the rally against police violence.

A hundred people denounced the police violence in front of the Dordogne prefecture in Périgueux, according to France Bleu Périgord. “I guarantee you that it was not the demonstrators who attacked”, insists a member of the Confédération paysanne present last weekend in Sainte-Soline. The demonstrators launched a demonstration in the streets of Périgueux.

In Limoges, nearly 400 people met in front of the Haute-Vienne prefecture, announces France 3 Limousin. They were about 200 in Guéret in the Creuse.


In Toulouse, several hundred people gathered in Toulouse, not far from the prefecture, against police violence in support of demonstrators injured in Sainte-Soline. “It Could Have Been Me”, can we read on the sign of a protester. Another protester said: “Darmanin Minister of Police Violence”.


Nearly 200 people gathered in front of the Mayenne prefecture in Laval. A banner was attached to the gate of the prefecture: “What are the police doing? It’s eye-popping”.


The demonstration in Marseille against the “police brutality” And “in support of the wounded” gathered 650 people in front of the Bouches-du-Rhône prefecture, police said.

Two rallies are taking place on Thursday in Valence and Privas, reports France Bleu Drôme Ardèche, in front of the prefectures of Drôme and Ardèche, to protest against police violence, at the call of several political organizations and trade unions. In Valence, more than 200 people decided to walk through a few streets of the city and improvise a demonstration. In front of the gates of the Drôme prefecture, a banner “we were all in Sainte-Soline” has been deployed.

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