“Rainbow Revisited”, Thandi Ntuli with Carlos Niño

The story of a meeting, of a creative love at first sight. Originally from Johannesburg, composer and pianist Thandi Ntuli connected with this free spirit of Californian avant-garde music that is Carlos Niño, the same one who guided André 3000 in his instrumental epic New Blue Sun, recently published. It gives this elusive Rainbow Revisited on which moments of pure experimentation coexist (it’s in the title, Breath and Synth ExperimentThen Voice and Tongo Experiment) and jazz improvisations of such simplicity that you have the impression of being seated next to her, at the stool of her piano, while she sings the touching Nomayoyo (Ingoma ka Mkhulu). The highlight of the album comes in two parts: on The One, the pianist hums gently over eloquent piano solos, her playing is fickle, making delightful changes of speed which do not make her slip from her melodic path. For his part, director Niño stands back, adding a few scattered percussions. Fresh and beautiful.

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Rainbow Revisited



Thandi Ntuli with Carlos Niño, International Anthem

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