questioned on the subject, her colleague Evelyne Dhéliat categorical!

Two leading faces of the small screen, sisters and never rivals… Catherine Laborde bade farewell to the first channel on 1er January 2017, Evelyne Dhéliat still holds her position as head of the weather service. Between them, an unwavering friendship has been forged over the years. In 2014, Catherine Laborde entrusted Gala : “Evelyne and I have known each other for twenty years. At first she was a colleague with whom it is pleasant to work, as she is so energetic and rigorous, then we have forged bonds of friendship. Evelyne was of course at my wedding last November. We’re still talking about going with our respective spouses to say hello to Louis (Louis Bodin, editor’s note) in Brittany, but it still hasn’t happened.”. And since then, despite his departure, due to illness, the ties have never been relaxed. Suffering from dementia with Lewy bodiesCatherine Laborde moved the whole of France at the time of her farewell: “You will forget me, not me, I love you.“, she had launched, in ultimate tribute to her audience. For her part, Evelyne Dhéliat fell from the clouds!“And she never told me… even Thomas, her husband, had not told me anything”she confided in fact to Tele-Leisure in 2018.

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“I received another text message last week”

Fortunately, Catherine Laborde is not isolated in her fight against the disease that is eating away at her, her husband Thomas Stern is, of course, by her side, but also her faithful friends… This Friday, June 9, 2023, Évelyne Dhéliat, guest on the airwaves of South Radioin the context of the fight against cancer, which she herself suffered eleven years ago, did not fail to give news of her former colleague:“I have news. We send each other short text messages. I received another text message last week: ‘I kiss you, I think of you’, she confides to the antenna. Very admiring the person she is and her courage, she adds: “He’s a remarkable person.”

And what about the 75-year-old blonde at the start of the school year? Evelyne Dhéliat certifies it in the columns of the magazine We bothon June 6, she has no intention of retiring! “We have just finished the schedules for the start of the school year. I will return from vacation in mid-August to find my bulletins and the viewers if that can reassure you.she says jokingly.


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