Questionable expenses of the OCPM | Citizen confidence is shaken, admits Ollivier

Taken to task over expenses incurred at the time when she headed the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM), the president of the executive committee, Dominique Ollivier, recognized that these revelations harmed the confidence that citizens could have. towards the City and paramunicipal organizations.

“But I can assure you that all the decisions and all the discussions that take place here are aimed at serving your interests and meeting your needs,” said Ollivier Wednesday morning, during the weekly meeting of the executive committee.

As announced Tuesday by Mayor Valérie Plante, the executive committee mandated the City’s general auditor to carry out a specific audit on the OCPM’s expenses.

In 20 years of existence, the practices of the OCPM have not been re-examined, underlined Oliver.

As Valérie Plante said on Tuesday, “it is not because expenses are legal and permitted that they are acceptable,” admitted the president of the executive committee. “I particularly regret that certain expenses affect the population’s feeling of confidence and I am the first to say that things must change within the OCPM. »

She assured that she had always demonstrated integrity and transparency in her work, and offered her full collaboration to the Auditor General in her examination of the organization’s practices with the aim, she said, of “maintaining public confidence.

Between 2014 and 2021, while she headed the OCPM, Mme Ollivier invoiced and approved tens of thousands of dollars in restaurant and travel expenses, according to Quebecor media.

She notably billed for nearly $18,000 in restaurant expenses in four years, including an oyster meal in Paris for $347 with a collaborator and ex-business partner.

A mission to Africa cost taxpayers $23,000. The restaurant Chez Alexandre, rue Peel, has hosted dozens of meetings between Office executives.

The opposition at city hall demanded his resignation as the city’s big money maker.

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