Queen’s Niece Camilla Parker Bowles Makes Heartbreaking Revelations

While King Charles III and Princess Kate Middleton recently underwent surgery, another member of the British royal family is experiencing health problems… And unfortunately, this is not new! Via her Instagram account, Monday January 29, 2024, the niece of Queen Camilla Parker Bowles shared a video to share the illness from which she had suffered for many years: endometriosis.

Via a video of her in tears, Ayesha Shand shared the following message: “This is what endometriosis feels like. It’s isolating, distressing and completely unbearable. Every month I ingest hundreds of painkillers, I pass out, I vomit, I’m in agony, I spend nights and days squatting on the floor crying. All this is followed by intense waves of helplessness and depression. Endometriosis is very difficult to diagnose, treat and ultimately cure. According to statistics, 1 in 10 women in sulfur, but due to the inability to diagnose the condition, it is probably double. Most women experience this cycle of pain in silence.”

And to add: “I’m lucky enough to have surgery in a few weeks, but for those who want to know more, @endofound is a great resource: an organization dedicated to increasing disease recognition, advocacy, facilitating expert training in surgery and funding landmark research into endometriosis. We’re also making great progress.”

Does Kate Middleton also suffer from endometriosis?

While Kate Middleton recently underwent a mysterious abdominal operation, in their edition of this Thursday, January 25, 2024, our colleagues from Paris Match claim that “off” tongues are loosening regarding the princess’ health problem.

“We pay lip service to a gynecological problem like endometriosis or removal of the uterus”, we learn while the princess’s “complicated” pregnancies are also mentioned. Just like Ayesha Shand, the princess could therefore suffer from this disease.


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