Quebecers, beer and whiskey in hand, from 9 a.m. for St. Patrick’s Day

Many Quebecers did not wait for the start of the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Montreal to celebrate, beer in hand, to the songs of Irish music on Sunday.

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As of 9 a.m., a pub on Bishop Street in downtown Montreal was packed, TVA Nouvelles noted.

Whiskey coffee, dark beers and a festive atmosphere: the clientele of McKibbin’s Irish Pub were in the mood for celebration, all origins combined.

The owner of the establishment is delighted to see how the Irish festival brings together citizens from all walks of life. The Montrealer expects more than 2,000 customers during the day.

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The festive brunch will be followed by lunches and dinners which will be just as festive, admits the man, who expects to have his best day of the year in terms of sales.

“Lots of people, lots of parties,” proclaims Rick Fon. The latter expects a huge crowd at the end of Montreal’s 199th St. Patrick’s Day parade.

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Met by TVA Nouvelles, two friends of Italian origin explain why they traveled before 9 a.m. to celebrate the Irish holiday.

“The majority of our friends will come shortly. Honestly, it’s something we’re always excited about [de célébrer]», underlines a customer.

“It’s a change” to drink whiskey at 9 a.m., adds his sidekick.

A complete closure of Boulevard de Maisonneuve is planned between Rue Du Fort and Rue Jeanne-Mance during the parade.

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