Public affront, tensions with William … Prince Harry out of his mind since the jubilee

It was an empty-handed and angry Harry who packed his bags and flew back to California with Meghan Markle, Lilibet, 1, and Archie, 3, on Sunday June 5. Happy to find his family and the British people to celebrate the 70 years on the throne of England of his grandmother Elizabeth II, prince Harry was quickly disillusioned. He even left furious according to his biographer Angela Levin as reported by the magazine Closer. The author claims to have been shocked by the face of Prince Harry during mass on Friday June 3, the only event in which the Sussex couple finally participated: “What really struck me that day was his angershe told The Sun. Harry wore his emotions on his face, he looked absolutely furious.

There are several reasons for this, she says. Prince Harry did not expect that the British present near Saint Paul’s Cathedral during mass would start whistling him and his wife Meghan. Another detail: the welcome given to him by the members of the royal clan. If he was complicit with his cousins ​​Eugenie and Beatrice from York, it was visibly tense with the rest of the family: “I think he is very upset to have been superbly ignored. He always feels like he has to apologize for something“continues his biographer. The 15-minute interview with the Sovereign must not have helped matters.

And what about the absence of his brother William on Lilibet’s first birthday. Saturday June 4, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry organized a small party for Archie’s sister at Frogmore Cottage, the residence they occupied before their departure for America, without William and Kate Middleton, absent for royal obligations: “Meghan and Harry invited Kate and William and their children to the party, but they forgot that the latter were in Wales that morning and were only returning for the Jubilee concert. It was therefore impossible for them to attend..”

Suffice to say that a reconciliation between the two brothers will remain at the utopia stage for some time yet. The only way to potentially fix things: for Prince Harry to stop express visits and take the time to chat with his family. “They need calm, we cannot hope to find a proximity between two doors“ reveals Angela Levin. Especially since, still according to her, Prince Harry could actually find himself in a position of regret: “He may have been thinking about what he left behind when he left. He is self-destructive and may regret what he has lost.“It seems that the realization comes a little late…

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