Protection of public officials: the government unveils a million-euro plan



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In 2022, 12,000 acts of incivility were reported by the family allowance funds. In order to strengthen the protection of civil servants, the government announced a plan with one million euros.

In May 2021, a social worker was murdered in Aube. A few months earlier, a Pôle emploi advisor was shot dead in Valence (Drome). Events which remain rare, but which reveal the risks of attacks on public officials. According to the ministry, 12,000 acts ofincivility were raised by the Family Allowance Funds in 2022. So, to better protect civil servants, the government announced a plan worth one million euros.

An increase in security devices

Among the main measures contained in this plan is the increase in security devices, such as panic buttons or video surveillance cameras. On a legal level, better supervision is planned. “An administration could not file a complaint in place of one of its agents, unless there was material damage. (…) The administration, it’s a big change, will be able to do it in its place”said on RMC, Monday September 18, Stanislas GueriniMinister of the Civil Service. Announcements criticized by the unions, for whom the plan was not sufficiently coordinated.

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