pro and anti-Trump gathered in New York for the opening of the trial of the former American president

The former President of the United States is on trial from Monday in New York, suspected of having tried to bribe an old X-rated actress. The opportunity for his dementors but also his supporters to come and express themselves for this first in the American history.


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Activists gathered in front of the New York court, where the trial of former US President Donald Trump begins, Monday April 15, 2024. (DAVID DEE DELGADO / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA)

A handful of pro- and anti-Trump people gathered on Monday April 15 in New York, in front of the Mahnattan court, where Donald Trump’s trial will take place in the coming weeks. For the first time, a former American president will be tried criminally in a criminal case, accused of having tried to bribe a former porn actress, Stormy Daniels, to silence her during the 2016 campaign. The trial opens with jury selection.

Perched on a bench, in front of the court, Marc plays the flute. An act of circumstance, he assures, since the ex-president is a liar. “He is full of lies and hypocrisy, it is a national shame”says the activist, showing the sign he carries on his chest. “I’m quite embarrassed that I come from the same neighborhood as him, in Queens, he adds, let’s hope that the law triumphs”.

“The tide is turning and many people in New York are beginning to understand that they are being lied to.”

Cassandra, Donald Trump supporter

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For his part, Steve, Trump 2024 scarf around his neck, does not believe in a fair trial. It seems impossible to find impartial jurors in Manhattan, where Joe Biden obtained nearly 90% of the votes in the 2020 presidential election. “And even if there is an honest juror, will that person have the courage to go against the majority? How would that person be treated by the far-left mobsters?”accuses Steve.

Cassandra also supports Donald Trump but is hopeful that the trial will go well. “Some people here would tell you in private: I support President Trump, but they wouldn’t dare say it in publicexplains the New Yorker. But the tide is turning and many people in New York are beginning to understand that they are being lied to.”.

The selection of jurors must last two weeks, before the start of the debates, always in the presence of Donald Trump.

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