Prices of housing and groceries: Justin Trudeau says he is fighting for the middle class

The office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released a press release on Thursday in which he promised to fight for the middle class.

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“A strong Canada must have a dynamic middle class,” we can read from the outset, while the government rightly deplores the fact that many citizens are financially worried.

Global inflation has in fact increased the cost of certain primary foodstuffs and increased the cost of housing, the press release recalls.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Thursday a series of new measures aimed at countering the effects of inflation and providing relief to the middle class, particularly regarding the price of groceries and rent.

In order to curb the rise in prices of grocery products, the Trudeau government intends to adopt a series of measures:

-It calls on major supermarket chains to stabilize grocery prices in the short term.

This request comes as, in recent years, large grocers have reaped more profits, even as the basket continues to cost taxpayers more.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assures that he does not rule out having “resort to tax measures” in order to “restore the stability of the prices of grocery products that Canadians expect.”

-It will take immediate action to increase competition throughout the Canadian economy, with a focus on the grocery sector, which will help lower costs for middle-class Canadians.

Three modifications of the Competition law must be put in place.

-Give the Competition Bureau the power to require the production of information to carry out effective and comprehensive market studies.

-Eliminate the efficiency defense, which currently allows, in certain circumstances, anti-competitive mergers to be defended in court.

-Allow the Competition Bureau to take action against collaborations that stifle competition and limit consumer choice.

The government says it has adopted urgent measures to lower the cost of housing across the country, both regarding the purchase of a property and the rental of an apartment.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau intends in particular:

-Promote the construction of rental housing in order to eliminate the goods and services tax (GST) on the construction of new apartment buildings intended for rental.

-Require local governments to end exclusionary zoning and encourage the construction of apartments near public transportation.

The government also announced that it will make “changes to the Canada Emergency Business Account […]in particular by postponing the deadline for repayment of term loans by one year.”

“We promised to defend the middle class and we will not stop fighting until everyone has a real and fair chance to succeed,” promises Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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