Port of Montreal | Another fatal work accident, the second in a month

A trucker died in a work accident this Wednesday at the Port of Montreal, the second to occur in less than a month. Several actors will be involved in an investigation that has just been launched into this affair.

The Press learned from a reliable source that this event took place at the Montreal Gateway terminal, in the heart of the port facilities, in the afternoon.

For the moment, the Port of Montreal confirms that a “work accident took place on one of our terminals at the end of the day”. “The teams are still on site managing the situation,” said its spokesperson, Renée Larouche, adding that an investigation would be quickly launched.

Everything indicates that the Montreal police intervened on the scene, but they refuse to comment. The Commission for Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST), which should be at the heart of the investigation, indicated in the evening that two inspectors went to the site to carry out checks . No further details were therefore available.

This is the second case of this kind in a few weeks. At the end of April, a trucker also died at the Port of Montreal after an accident at one of its docks. The fatal workplace accident occurred as the next day, April 28, was Memorial Day for People Who Died or Injured at Work.

In 2023, “210 workers lost their lives at work, including 68 in the construction sector and more than 114,000 people who suffered an occupational injury,” according to the Quebec Federation of Workers (FTQ), the most large workers union in the province.

FTQ union members gathered at that time in front of the National Assembly, in Quebec, and in front of Montreal city hall, in memory of those who died and to recall the importance of prevention at work.

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