Poll: Poilievre increases his lead over Trudeau

Pierre Poilievre has increased his lead over Justin Trudeau, reveals a new poll from the firm Abacus.

According to the survey carried out among 2,417 Canadians between November 23 and 28, the Conservative Party received 42% of voting intentions, far ahead of the Liberal Party’s 23%.

For the CCP, this is a 3% jump in about 10 days. The PLC for its part fell by 1% during the same period.

The New Democratic Party remains in third place with 19% support, followed by the Bloc Québécois (7%) and the Green Party (4%).

All parties, except that of Pierre Poilievre, suffered a decline of 1%.

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Three-way fight in Quebec

In Quebec, the Bloc Québécois remains in the lead with 32% of voting intentions. However, the Conservative Party (28%) and the Liberal Party (25%) are not far behind.

The NDP, for its part, is lagging behind with only 9% support among Quebecers.

Strong advance in Ontario and the Maritimes

The situation is very different in Ontario, where the PCC sits at the top of voting intentions with 42% support. The Liberals obtained 29% of voting intentions in Canada’s most populous province. The NDP received 19% support.

The picture is similar in the Atlantic provinces: Pierre Poilievre’s party obtains 47% of voting intentions, compared to 32% for Justin Trudeau’s party and 15% for that of Jagmeet Singh.

Conservative dominance in the West

Unsurprisingly, the Conservative Party remains very popular in the west of the country, particularly in Alberta where it received 61% of voting intentions.

Combining Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the PCC obtains 48% support, compared to 39% for the NDP and only 12% for the PLC.

On the British Columbia side, Pierre Poilievre is favored by 45% of voters, far ahead of Jagmeet Singh (26%) and Justin Trudeau (15%).

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