Poland would like to host the 2036 Summer Olympics

Poland will announce to the International Olympic Committee that it would like to be able to organize the 2036 Summer Olympics, its President Andrzej Duda announced on Wednesday.

Duda announced this project supported by his government less than three weeks before the elections, scheduled for October 15.

The decision came after Poland hosted the European Games earlier this year, when 7,000 athletes gathered in Krakow.

Duda said the leaders of the Polish Olympic movement will soon send a letter of intent to IOC President Thomas Bach. The European Olympic committees will meet on October 6 and 7 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The European Olympic movement stressed on Wednesday that it welcomed Poland’s decision, especially after successfully hosting the European Games.

The IOC has not established timelines for selecting the host country for the 2036 Olympics, and it appears unlikely that the process will move forward in the next two years.

Bach’s presidential term will expire in 2025, and the process of selecting the host country for the 2036 Olympics could be one of the priorities of his successor at the head of the IOC.

The 2036 Summer Games are the next to be awarded: Paris will host those of 2024, Los Angeles those of 2028 and Brisbane those of 2032.

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