Poilievre wants to give bonuses to municipalities that build housing

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre, proposes offering bonuses to municipalities that build more housing, and penalizing those that build less.

At a press conference Thursday morning in Pointe-Claire, Mr. Poilievre said that the cost of housing had jumped since Justin Trudeau came to power.

The solution, according to him, lies in reducing the “bureaucracy” which, he believes, slows down the construction of housing in municipalities.

Mr. Poilievre therefore suggests adding a “proconstruction of housing” clause in agreements with municipalities arising from the Canada Community Futures Fund (the former Gas Tax Fund).

Cities that allow more housing to be built would receive a bonus, while those that build less would be penalized.

“It’s going to work mathematically,” he explained.

Small municipalities would, however, be exempt from penalties.

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