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Does your child have difficulty putting what he feels into words? The E•mot•ion card game might help.

Posted at 6:00 p.m.

Veronique Larocque

Veronique Larocque
The Press

The concept, imagined by illustrator and counseling therapist Soleil Laflèche, is very simple. Among the cards with a cute character, the child chooses a situation that has had an effect on his well-being. For example, a review made by a friend.

What emotion did this trigger evoke? What attitude did the child adopt afterwards? What need has not been met? Maps allow the young person to find answers to all these questions. After a first box released last year, a second game was recently added to the series.

The concept remains the same, but cards have been added. Some of them invite the child to wonder about the protection mechanisms that he can adopt. A very useful game to name your emotions more easily. Even adults can benefit from it.

Price: $21.95 per case, available online

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