Pizzas sold in supermarkets recalled for “possible presence” of glass debris

These little pieces of glass could be found in the oregano leaves. Customers who have purchased these pizzas are advised not to consume them.



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The ingredient implicated in the recalled pizzas is oregano leaf.  (JEAN-FRANÇOIS FREY / L’ALSACE / MAXPPP)

Reine, goat’s cheese, Alsatian, Franche-Comté, tuna… Pizzas, distributed by Auchan Avallon, in Yonne, then marketed throughout France between April 8 and 12 are subject to a recall , due to “possible presence” broken glass in one of their ingredients, “oregano leaf”reports the government website Rappel Conso, Monday April 15.

These pizzas are recalled for “possible presence but not proven” of broken glass in oregano”present in pizzas made in stores”, specifies Rappel Conso, which therefore calls for “do not consume any more”, “return the product to the point of sale” Or “destroy the product”, “due to the risk of injury, or adverse reactions after ingestion of this product”. However, this recall, valid until May 15, is issued three days after the use-by date, set at April 12. Customers affected by the purchase of one of these pizzas will be reimbursed and can contact 03 86 34 92 92, specifies Rappel Conso.

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