Pierre Poilievre deplores anti-Trudeau flags

Pierre Poilievre says he doesn’t like the profanity flags that Canadians wave to denounce Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

But the federal Conservative leader also says he understands the anger that fuels such protests — and that it’s up to government and politicians to respond.

These comments follow a blog post by his predecessor as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Erin O’Toole says she is concerned that these flags are symptomatic of growing political polarization in Canada, which normalizes rage and aggressive rhetoric.

The flags have been particularly linked to demonstrations of the “freedom convoy”, whose members were wooed by Mr Poilievre during the Conservative leadership race.

Poilievre says it’s easy for politicians to tell Canadians to stop complaining, but he says many people are angry because they’re in trouble, including money.

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