PHOTOS EXCLUDED – Britney Spears: the loser’s birthday!

You have to believe she has bad luck, really. Since the end of his guardianshiplast year, the life of Britney is far from sending the dream so hoped for. Continuing the controversies, she no longer sees her teenagers, who went to Hawaii with their father, and has lost her husband in the process, Sam Asghari. With her family, the atmosphere is just as gloomy… Still no contact with the hated father, while she barely speaks to her formerly beloved little sister. It is in this context of accentuated isolation that Britney decided to finally mend things with her mother.

After all that, how can we not conclude that Brit has the life of a dog?

For his 42nd birthdayshe had thus invited her, with her big brother, in order to seal their newfound understanding. There eveningwho stood at the house ofCade Hudsonthe singer’s manager, went very well… until one of the people dearest to Britney’s heart was the victim of a faintness ! This is her little dog Snow who, as laughable as it may seem, is considered by Britney as her own child. Without knowing exactly why, the star left her manager’s house in a complete panic in the middle of the night, her dog in her arms. Hastily dressed in the clothes of the man strongly suspected of being her lover, she went with him to the nearest veterinary clinic. Fortunately for the little one Snow, nothing serious was detected, and everyone was able to return home after this horrible scare. Just before, to unwind a little, Britney stopped at a drugstore. There, she filled her bag with treats, both for herself, but also and especially for her “baby” who had so much suffered !

A little Snow who, since her arrival at the singer’s house in August, has been spoiled. We notably saw the animal in a very distinguished… At the same time, she is the image of her mistress, both in terms of style and in her ability to screw up everything.

Aurélie Descoing

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