Philippe Risoli “not rich” with 4000 euros per month and ready to do battle with Anne Hidalgo: “If you live in Paris, well you survive!”

He hosted the “Millionaire” between 1991 and 1999, as well as “The right price”, between 1992 and 2001. This September 21, Philippe Risoli could not escape a few questions about his money, as is tradition in the show “At Jordan’s“, on C8. Faced with Jordan de Luxe, the television host stated in particular that we were not “not rich with 4000 euros per month“.

“4000 euros are you rich? Well no, you’re not rich, you live

A vast debate at the moment in France, which Philippe Risoli took on this Thursday morning on television. Also, he explained to his host: “when they tell you that at 4000 euros you are rich? well no, you’re not rich, you’re living. At 2000 euros, if you live in Paris, well, you survive. If you have children, if you want to feed them…”

And for good reason, he explains, with his particular case: “When you have 4000 euros, I’m talking to you in Paris, that you have taxes and property taxes that in Paris are multiplied by 2, that there are 52% increase when we shouldn’t have increased themthat’s a subject on which you could have thrown that at me!“, attacking the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo.

“There are things like that that are irritating

More broadly, Philippe Risoli even philosophized about his own situation: “So, if you want, what is it to live? The real question is that”. When Jordan de Luxe asked him bluntly if he was a millionaire, the TV star replied: “Yes I obviously have 1 million assetssince we talked about it, I pay wealth tax”. And to always deplore: “But in Paris you buy the smallest maid’s room, it’s 1.3 million euros, that’s how it is, and nothing says that you will sell your property for 1.3 million, but it is estimated that It costs that, and you pay the real estate wealth tax. I’m not going to carry that around for weeks, but it’s true that there are things like that that are irritating, we’ll say“.


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