Philippe Lellouche loses his temper against Anne Hidalgo in “Bonjour!”

While he promotes his one man show, “Stand Alone” at the Théâtre de la Madeleine, Philippe Lellouche threw out all the bad things he thinks about Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, whom he ironically calls “his best friend“. This February 20, 2024, on the set of Bonjour!, the morning show on TF1, opposite Bruce Toussaint, the brother of Gilles Lellouche explained that he talks about it in his show. He blames him for the traffic jam problems in the capital , and their terrible consequences on cultural life and restaurants.

“So she’s screwing it up.”

Firmly opposed to anti-car policies in city centers, the actor quips: “firstly betting on the fact that the bicycle will be the means of transport of the future is already daring. Already. When you have three children it’s complicated, that’s it. Assuming that this is true, the fact of having built these cycle paths prevents people from traveling.”

And added: “And what keeps theater alive in big cities, and in this case in Paris, is obviously Paris, but the small and middle suburbs. And these people, when it took them between 1.5 and 2 hours to get home in the evening, it’s rare that they want to do it in the other direction to go to the show.”. Verdict: “So she’s screwing everything up. People need to realize that.”

Philippe Lellouche admits that when he says that in the show, he beats himself up. It sums : “Yes, of course there are always defenders who tell me ‘ah yeah’ […] there are always people of good conscience“. A point of view which does not threaten the comic at all, which is sure of its facts and denounces: “The behavior of the bicycles, I want to destroy the bicycles in Paris. That is to say, this kind of political correctness of saying yes it’s great. No, it’s not great, they’re boring everyone”.

“She’s crazy, this woman is crazy. We need to go get treatment”

To finish on the Anne Hidalgo file, the one who will probably vote for Rachida Dati in the next election defends: “She is crazy, she is crazy, this woman is crazy. You have to go get treatment.”. And to quote for example: “She sets up committees of people to live with rats, everyone finds that normal. We no longer say rats, we say brown rats, that’s a feeling“.


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