“PFTE is not dangerous”, assures the general director of Seb, who protests against the bill presented to the Assembly against PFAS

Stanislas de Gramont denounces “a dogmatic measure without any scientific basis” and fears that it will condemn him to closing sites. With hundreds of employees and elected officials, he will demonstrate on Wednesday in front of the National Assembly.

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The Seb household appliances group notably manufactures Tefal stoves (photo illustration).  (NORBERT FALCO / MAXPPP)

The bill against PFAS is “a dogmatic measure without any scientific basis”, denounces Stanislas de Gramont, general director of SEB, Wednesday April 3 on France Bleu Pays de Savoie. With 400 employees of the household appliances group, but also elected officials, he will participate on Wednesday afternoon in a demonstration in front of the National Assembly in Paris against this text from the environmentalist deputy for Gironde, Nicolas Thierry. “We think that the text will be rejected, we trust the common sense of the national representation”he says.

If the PFAS mentioned in the bill are banned, Stanislas de Gramont fears that this will lead to the closure of the SEB sites in Rumilly and Tournus as well as the disappearance of 3,000 jobs in France. “This text plans to prohibit the use of PTFE, which are coatings that we use on our stoves, which are the majority of products manufactured on these two sites, which export nearly 70% of their production. explains the general manager. These products go in particular to Germany, Romania, Poland and even Japan, which have no restrictions on eternal pollutants, according to him.

Stanislas de Gramont assures that “PFTE is not dangerous”which it is also “used in prosthetics, in lenses”. The director recalls that SEB has no longer used PFOA, another PFAS, since 2012, although this component was only banned in France in 2020.

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