Personal data, repetitive procedures and communication problems… What results for the new “My Master” platform?

While students will receive this Friday the answers of the Masters in which they applied via the new platform set up a year ago, the Ministry of Higher Education welcomes a much more efficient system than before.

This is the end of the suspense for students applying for Masters. They will receive from this Friday the answers of the training courses via the brand new platform My Masters. This device, which resembles Parcousup, is supposed to facilitate the process by bringing together on a single website the 3,500 masters offered in France. No need, therefore, to contact each master, one by one, to send his file.

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Until July 21, students will receive the results. Three options are possible each time: received, not received or on the waiting list. They will be able to accept definitively, or provisionally, the time to see if they are admitted to other courses. But from the moment they say “yes”, their places in other possible formations are automatically reallocated to other candidates.

Several hiccups

If we believe the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the assessment of this platform is positive. Seating is much more efficient: “We are no longer in an artisanal management”we welcome rue Descartes. According to official calculations, 173,000 candidates eligible for master’s enrollment have made wishes. There are approximately 185,000 places available, in initial and work-study training.

In theory, there is therefore something for everyone, but the masters available must still correspond to the wishes of the students. If some of the candidates recognize a certain ease of use of this platform, we had to deal with many problems, assures Anaïs, with a law degree in Paris: “With all the documents required for each course, it took hours to apply. It was often very repetitive and it gave the impression that they wanted to disgust us with the Masters and registrations.”

The platform has experienced several hiccups. Communication errors, with for example the sending of a false date of receipt of the answers, a correction was then sent back. Formations disappeared overnight, and there were also data losses. So many problems that generated a lot of stress and anxiety. The students ended up organizing themselves, several informal accounts on social networks were created, in an attempt to circulate information.

Personal data management

For the professors who select the candidates, things were not easy either. Benjamin Le Hénaff, is a lecturer in psychology at the University of Franche-Comté: “It is impossible to download the applications as a whole. We, on our training, have several hundred applications. I have to download them one by one, and it’s super cumbersome. In terms of pure use, it’s pretty bad.”

Finally, some have questions about the management of students’ personal data. Each teacher has access to everything: telephone number, personal address, identity document. Data that is stored on everyone’s computers, without any encryption or protection. This represents a risk, in the event of fraudulent use.

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