Permit at 17, fight against school harassment, scholarships … What to remember from the announcements of Elisabeth Borne for youth

The Prime Minister made numerous announcements aimed at the youngest during an interview with Brut on Tuesday afternoon. In particular, it intends to allow 17-year-olds to pass their license and drive, from January 2024.

“The fight against harassment will be the priority for the next school year”. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne presented, Tuesday, June 20, the main lines of the government plan for youth in an interview with Brut. The Matignon tenant notably clarified the contours of the implementation of the driving license from the age of 17, scheduled for 2024.

Elisabeth Borne also made announcements about scholarships for overseas students. The head of the executive must complete these last Wednesday, during a speech in front of the young people who participated in the Youth Meetings of Matignon in Paris. Franceinfo summarizes what to remember from these statements.

A plan against school bullying for the start of the school year

The Prime Minister announced a “interministerial plan” against school bullying, which will be implemented “back to school 2023” and will be “a priority”. “This subject is taken very seriously, I am well aware that it affects a lot of young people”, underlined Elisabeth Borne. “It’s a phenomenon that ruins life.” she added, mentioning the suicide of Lucas, the target of homophobic insults, as well as that of Lindsay. The tenant of Matignon wishes “train all teachers” to avoid “misunderstandings on the part of adults”.

The Prime Minister promised that the Ministry of National Education would work with that of Justice, Digital and the Interior with the aim of“ensure fluidity from the first report of harassment” and for establishments to report “systematically” these facts to the prosecutors. Elisabeth Borne advocated “a change of mentality, as for sexist acts, which must mobilize everyone, parents and the educational community” and recalled that his government had put in place a decree with one objective: “it is the one who harasses who changes establishment”, and not the harassed person.

Elisabeth Borne also plans to present “a plan to fight violence homophobic” in schools in the coming weeks. In particular, it wishes to enrich the pHARE system to “provide the necessary resources to student ambassadors” and make sure that “the heads of establishments have the list of associations which fight against homophobia”.

Driving license open to 17-year-olds from 2024

On June 14, franceinfo revealed that the government was considering allowing 17-year-olds to pass their license. Things have obviously progressed quickly at Matignon. “From January 2024, it will be possible to pass the driving license from the age of 17 and drive from the age of 17”announced the Prime Minister. “This measure will concern all young people”confirms Matignon.

The measure is particularly aimed at young people in vocational high school, underlined Elisbeth Borne, who announced the opening of aid for the driving license of 500 euros for apprentices to this public. “We have targeted those who will have internships to do”underlined the Prime Minister.

A renovation plan for university residences

Elisabeth Borne promised that “12,000 university accommodation would be renovated in the next three years”. The university residences concerned will be “including in overseas territories” said the Prime Minister. In detail, the government intends to renovate “4,000 homes per year”specifies Matignon, who adds “that a rehousing solution will be proposed” to the students concerned.

An increase in overseas scholarships

After recalling the establishment, at the end of March, of a monthly increase of 37 euros in the amount of scholarships for students, Elisabeth Borne announced an additional increase of 30 euros for students living in Overseas to cope with the skyrocketing cost of living. “We will therefore have an increase of 67 euros from the start of the 2023 school year”clarified the Prime Minister.

A train pass for “committed” young people

The Prime Minister announced the introduction of a free train pass for young people aged 18 to 21 “engaged”, in civil service or universal national service. The pass will concern the TGV and Intercités lines, “but discussions will be initiated with the regions that organize the TERs”, emphasizes Matignon.

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