Paul St-Pierre Plamondon must seduce disillusioned federalists

Many Quebec federalists, if they opened their eyes, would understand that the Canada defined by Trudeau in 1982 has not been their country for a long time and that it will be less and less so.

How to explain the miracle of Paul St-Pierre Plamondon (PSPP)?

Is it the sky map that orients it?

Is it the insight of this young leader who energizes his Parti Québécois and who sees, before anyone else, the need to leave this madhouse (dixit René Lévesque) that is the confederal structure of 1982?

More popular than his ideas

The problem is that PSPP personally seems more popular than his ideas. Even his opponents love him! The option that motivates his political life, that of Quebec sovereignty, is however plateauing in the polls.

It would be cruelly disappointing for a possible PQ in power to find itself playing provincial “good government” which had been the role of this party after its election in 1976…

Psychological wall

To overcome this psychological wall, rather than attacking the beautiful big Canada so dear in affection to the Jean Chrétiens of this world, PSPP should constantly attack this 1982 structure which is still a shame for Quebec (which is had this constitution imposed by force and never signed it).

For our emotional illiterates, Canada and its Rocky Mountains will always have appeal. By focusing the debate on the outdated confederation, without ever mentioning “Canada”, we will be surprised to see the debate change boxes.

Also, a good part of this federalist electorate to whom we must open our eyes is aging and not very connected to social networks. In short, the PQ’s communications strategy must not neglect traditional media and traditional in-person speeches, otherwise our d’Artagnan of sovereignty will remain invisible to this segment of the population.

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