Paul St-Pierre Plamondon in orbit!

Following recent polls which clearly denote a marked dissatisfaction – the word is weak – towards the CAQ, especially its leader François Legault, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon (PSPP) boasts, with a full smile, of his very flattering score which galvanizes him , strengthens its popularity and propels it through increased vivacity. A bad period in politics, like lethargy in sport, cannot always last.

But be careful, we must not be afraid and believe that during the next provincial election, scheduled for October 5, 2026, the PQ will beat the other parties like a major league hitting champion would do. Let us remind citizens that the PQ could not do better than collect a minimalist bill of 4 deputies against 89 for the CAQ. Are they in the same league right now?

In light of the popularity polls, 31% for PSPP against 25% for François Legault, a lot of water will pass under Quebec’s bridges for change. I personally doubt that the PQ will rise from its ashes like the phoenix did. Quebecers are very cautious about independence. The gap still remains 85 deputies, a huge step to climb for a PQ which lacks high-level hitters. We are far from a simple formality!

The antagonists of PSPP are legion and are honing their political weapons in order to carve out an advantageous place on the final chessboard on October 5, 2026 and escape from the outline. […] Who will proudly say “checkmate” to Mr. Legault? Mr. Plamondon’s return to earth could be done without a parachute!

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